Program Structure

Executive Sponsor: Serves as the program’s champion for the Administrative Fellows. Ensures the Administrative Fellows’ participation in senior-level meetings and exposure to system-level operations.

Preceptors: Meet with the Fellows on a regular basis and provide feedback and guidance. The preceptor may assign project work to Fellows and provide them access to senior-level meetings.

Program Directors: Create and maintain the Administrative Fellowship structure and serve as the liaison between Senior Leadership and Administrative Fellows. Responsibilities include managing the program’s components, rotations, and requirements.

Steering Committee: Comprised of leadership across the enterprise, including former UW Health Administrative Fellows. The committee provides guidance to the program and selects final candidates.

Outside of the program structure, Administrative Fellows are encouraged to develop mentor relationships with leadership across the enterprise.

Fellows will contribute to systems-level project work that is aligned with UW Health’s current Strategic Plan and the interests of the Fellow. Areas of opportunity for project work include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical Operations
  • New Business Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Patient Experience
  • Population Health

In addition, the Fellow will complete rotations to ensure readiness for leadership within an academic medical center upon completion of the Fellowship. Rotation areas may include:

  • Ambulatory Operations
  • Ancillary and Support Services
  • Finance
  • Hospital Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Inpatient Operations
  • Nurse Management
  • Physician Recruitment
  • Quality and Performance Improvement

Message from the Executive Sponsor

Elizabeth T. Bolt, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, UW Health
Elizabeth T. Bolt, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, UW Health

In our country’s ever-changing health care landscape, it is critical to the future of health care that we identify and develop the next generation of leaders to guide organizations through changing and challenging times. UW Health is committed to develop such health care leaders through our Administrative Fellowship program and prepare these individuals to successfully lead organizations into the future.

The Administrative Fellowship program at UW Health is structured to provide Fellows with a wide array of learning and development opportunities throughout the UW Health system. Fellows work alongside senior leaders on projects that directly relate to strategic plan initiatives as well as rotate throughout various departments to gain a system-level understanding of the strategy and operations of the organization. The Fellowship program is well known and respected by senior leaders, providing Fellows with the opportunity to establish a wide support network and strong mentoring relationships.

As Executive Sponsor of the Fellowship program, I am confident that an Administrative Fellowship at UW Health will provide you with excellent learning opportunities and prepare you to be an effective health care leader. The knowledge and experience you gain as a Fellow will have a lasting impact and will support you for the rest of your career. I encourage you to apply for the Administrative Fellowship program at UW Health and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Elizabeth T. Bolt
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
UW Health