Minimum technology requirements

To successfully engage in learning in the Integrated Graduate Program in Nutrition and Dietetics, students will need to have access to the following minimum required technology:

Required hardware

  • Internet connection: You should have a high-speed Internet connection via cable, DSL or network
  • Computer specifications: 1 GHz processor; 2GB RAM
  • Computer audio: Sound card and speakers
  • Other: See the list of hardware supported by DoIT (UW-Madison Division of Information Technology)


  • Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) for these courses.
  • Canvas has a number of tools that will facilitate your learning, communication and activity within your courses.
  • Visit the Canvas Student Guide to learn more about each of them.
  • If you are new to Canvas, learn about Getting Started with Canvas as a student.
  • You can also read about Accessibility within Canvas.

Required software and settings

Operating system: The newest versions of both Windows and Mac OS are fully supported by the DoIT Help Desk. See the Windows OS and Mac OS service descriptions for other DoIT-supported versions.

Web browser: Chrome is the recommended web browser for Canvas. Regardless of which web browser you use, it is best to have the latest version installed for security reasons and to experience full functionality of the course. For additional information and to see what browser versions work best with Canvas, please see the Canvas support page on this topic.

Settings: Regardless of the web browser you use, the following settings should be selected to experience full functionality. You also might want to seek additional support for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Additional Software

  • Adobe Reader: Download the latest version of Adobe Reader to view PDF (portable document format) files. Note: Do not select the optional offer for McAfee Security Scan Plus.
  • Kaltura Capture – Kaltura Capture is screen and webcam recording software for Windows and macOS. It is a good fit for doing shorter recordings (4-6 min) which can be done in one take and don’t require much editing. This document describes the system requirements for Kaltura Capture and how to install it.
  • Word Processor, Presentation, and Spreadsheet Software: Choose from the following options: