Wellness and sustainability

UW Health values the contributions of each employee and wants them to be at their best while caring for patients. A variety of employee appreciation events are offered throughout the year, in addition to UW Health’s Wellness Options at Work, which aims to improve employee well-being through Living Well and Resilience programs, health coaching and supporting a healthy environment.

Living Well

Encourage employees to engage with colleagues while establishing healthy lifestyle habits through resources and creative programs.

Health coaching

Speak with a personal health coach to provide guidance and support to help find the strength and motivation to develop your path to well-being.

Healthy environment

Collaboration with other departments on initiatives to ensure a healthy work environment and create strategies to sustain these improvements.


Helping you cope with the everyday twists and turns of life and supporting your positive momentum for good health and well-being. We offer courses and resources that focus attention on recharging and nurturing, understanding and connection, focus and clarity and purpose and meaning.

Wellness champions

Wellness champions are well-positioned employees who identify and thoughtfully respond to the unique needs and goals of their co-workers. A wellness champion builds awareness, advocates for change and supports colleagues on their personal wellness journeys. Our wellness champions are committed to setting a positive example for their colleagues, marketing current Wellness Program initiatives and offerings and collaborating with fellow wellness champions to advance UW Health’s vision for improved well-being. Wellness champions are located throughout UW Health facilities and help spread the reach and awareness of employee well-being.

UW Health Sustainability Program

At UW Health, we recognize that a healthy planet leads to healthy people. That’s why social responsibility is part of our mission for advancing health. This includes identifying and defining sustainable practices and enhancing the social, environmental and economic sustainability of our practices through various eco-friendly initiatives.

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Green teams

Employees and faculty often lead our eco-friendly efforts by sharing inspirational practices and information with colleagues in their respective areas. Green teams are located throughout UW Health facilities and help spread the reach and awareness of maintaining healthy environments for ourselves, patients and visitors.

Recycled art project

One of the more fun and visual sustainability projects was actually born in the operating room as a way to divert vial caps, which are too small to recycle, from landfills. Not only does it produce beautiful visuals, it also gives staff and faculty from all areas a way to decompress from the stressors of their normal work day if they choose to help sort vial caps and enjoy casual conversations with colleagues. This fun project even gained media attention.

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