What is the difference between the Accelerated Program and the 176-hour Program?  

The Accelerated program is four weeks long, and the 176-hour program is six weeks long. The curriculum and ability to pass the State skills and knowledge exam are the same. We currently accept 16 students per cohort in accelerated and 176-hour groups. There will be two alternates per cohort in case of last-minute cancellations or other emergencies. This ensures a maximum number of students in each cohort. You will automatically be in the next cohort if you are an alternate. 

How do I know which course to take, accelerated vs. the 176-hour program?  

The accelerated program is designed for those who have at least two full college years and will be a junior in college. You can work independently with studying, time management and learning material quickly. It is a more independent course in the book (didactic) part of the course. If you do not meet the above qualifications, then you should apply for the 176-hour (6-week course) which is more for those who need more time to study both classroom and skills. It is less independent and more hands-on in the classroom setting. Please apply for the correct cohort by looking at the dates for the program that correspond with the cohorts (accelerated vs 176 hour). Applications that do not meet the criteria for the accelerated cohorts will need to re-apply for the 176-hour once the application window is open. Once the deadline for the application window has passed for a cohort, another window will open for the next cohort to apply. This is how you will know which cohort you are applying for.

How many times a year will a new cohort start? 

Currently, the accelerated is two-three times per year, mainly in the summer months and then a session during winter break, which is geared towards college students. The 176-hour (6-week) course is three-four times per year and is listed on websites. As demand increases, we continuously evaluate new strategies and look at instructor ratios to improve access for everyone.  

Why and how do I take medical terminology classes?  

The medical terminology course was added to help with our medical language as in-patient care team members. If you have not had a medical terminology course, once you have been accepted into the program, you will get information on how to sign up for a class we offer through Evolve. This course is required as a pre-requisite for this NA training program. This course must be completed two weeks prior to NA class starting, unless otherwise told by the instructors. You will not have to take this if you have a college course or high school medical terminology class. It does NOT include Anatomy and Physiology courses or other science courses. Please notify us if you need any financial help paying for the course.

What is the process once you apply to the program?  

Once your application is placed, either through the internal job site or external careers page UWHealth.org, HR will then call you for an interview. Once that is complete and you are recommended to move forward, the NA team will then schedule an interview through Sign up Genius, and you will be notified by email. Dates of when applications are due and then interview dates are posted on U-Connect and Careers Page and updated as needed. Once the interview is completed, a reference check will be done with your manager, and if you are accepted, then a date to transfer to whatever cohort will be given. External candidates must undergo the normal onboarding process with employee health and background checks.   

How do I access the Nursing Assistant Apprenticeship Program Application?  

Internal applicants can search the internal careers page for “Nursing Assistant Training Program”. External applicants can search uwhealth.org/careers for “Nursing Assistant Training Program”.

Who can I contact regarding questions about the Nursing Assistant Apprenticeship Training Program?  

Please email NAProgram@uwhealth.org. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH THIS EMAIL!  No phone calls will be returned.  It may take up to 7 days for a response.  Please be patient as we may be teaching.  We will respond to every email.