Sports Physical Therapy Clinical Rotation

The University of Wisconsin Sports Medicine Center hosts physical therapist assistant and graduate physical therapy students for clinical rotations that typically are four to 12 weeks in length. In addition to clinical experience in practicing sports physical therapy, the intern may experience working with other members in the sports medicine team:

  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • Primary care physicians and physician assistants
  • Athletic trainers
  • Nutritionists
  • Radiologists

During the rotation, there may be opportunity to work with other programs such as spine physical therapyradiologyPerformance SpectrumAthletic Training Outreach, or aquatic training/programs.


Our Sports Medicine department strives to work as a team in all aspects of treating the patient. We expect the same from the interns in their interactions not only with patients and families, but also physicians, physician assistants, athletic trainers, physical therapist assistants, clerical staff and other colleagues.

We also pride ourselves on education of the patient and family about the injury, anatomy involved, mechanics and movement patterns, and expectations for rehabilitation and/or surgery, in some cases. We consider ourselves not just outpatient physical therapy providers, but specialists in sports medicine with expertise both on the injuries involved and the particular needs for return to one’s desired sport or activity.


Clinical rotations are arranged between the intern’s academic institution and our facility, using existing contracts and affiliation agreements. There is no direct application process.