‘Grateful to be a part of an organization that fosters true collaboration’

Portrait of Jillian Bodden Hoenisch, Nurse Practitioner
Jillian Bodden Hoenisch

APP spotlight

Jillian Bodden Hoenisch, Nurse Practitioner
Geriatrics, E Terrace Dr Medical Center

Tell us about your specialty.

I work as a nurse practitioner with the UW Health Geriatrics team. In my role, I’m part of the geriatrics primary care team, providing comprehensive care to patients age 65 and older who have acute and chronic medical conditions. I’m also part of the memory clinic team, providing care to individuals with memory concerns, mild cognitive impairment and dementia. I’m grateful to be a lead provider of the perioperative optimization of senior health (POSH) team, which focuses on reducing complications associated with surgery. Outside of my clinical work, I’m a member of the UW Health APP Advisory Council and the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council.

Why did you choose geriatrics?

As a nurse practitioner, I’m certified to care for both adult and older adult patients. During graduate school, I had an opportunity to work with a team that was conducting research with older adults. Through this research and in thinking about my close relationships with the older people in my life (shout-out to my Gram who is 96 and independent!), I was excited about the opportunity to work with the geriatrics team at UW Health. It is a team that provides truly interdisciplinary care of the whole patient and their family. I’m inspired by the wisdom of our patients. I learn so much from them.

What are you doing in your work area that is interesting and new?

I’ve been working to create a streamlined and comprehensive evaluation in the POSH Clinic. We’ve recently added a nurse to our team, which has really helped to improve the care coordination and follow-through on some of our recommendations. Our POSH team works with patients across the health care continuum, which I really enjoy.

On the UW Health APP Advisory Council and the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council, my colleagues and I are working to improve advancement, engagement and the well-being of our APPs and nurses. I appreciate the opportunity to improve our health care system to make it a better place for both the employees and the patients.

What do you love most about working at UW Health?

I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that fosters true collaboration in helping to provide exceptional care for our patients. I appreciate the opportunity to provide care to individuals while also working with teams to improve our system in providing better care to our patients and employees.

What are a few words to describe your co-workers and team at UW Health?

The team members I work with are incredible. From their breadth of knowledge to their passion for improving patient care, each person offers such important perspective to the care of the patients. They also make each day fun.

What have your patients taught you about yourself?

My patients have given me endless words of wisdom. A few of the main lessons I’ve learned from my patients include:

  • Gratitude is the key to happiness
  • Find joy in the small moments
  • Try to be truly present
  • The best marriage qualities are commitment and humor

I’ve also learned that the things we do when we are younger impact our health as we age. Developing a healthy lifestyle and being socially connected can help you thrive.

Outside of work, what did you accomplish in the past year that makes you proud?

In the last year, I was so proud to have completed my first marathon. My sister and I ran it together in matching outfits. I’m also proud to be growing my family.

Tell us about your family and interests.

I have a wonderful spouse, Max, and two three-legged dogs, Bert and Scarlett. This fall, we will be welcoming a new baby to our family. I love to spend time outdoors, whether walking/ running, kayaking, hiking or camping. We have a teardrop camper that we love to take on adventures.