Advanced Practice Provider Student Opportunities

Central to our academic mission, UW Health offers learning experiences to nurse practitioner, physician assistant, certified anesthesiology assistant, nurse anesthetist and certified nurse midwifery students through affiliations with partnering schools.

Student Placement Process

The demand for highly trained certified anesthesiologist assistants, CRNAs, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and midwives continues to grow, at UW Health, regionally and nationally. Central to our academic mission, UW Health offers learning experiences to advanced practice provider (APP) learners. We actively collaborate with a small number of regional academic programs to provide high quality educational experiences.

UW Health has active, collaborative relationships with the preferred academic programs, focusing primarily on Adult-Geriatric primary care, Adult-Geriatric acute care NP, Physician Assistant, Family NP, Pediatric NP (specialty rotation only) and Midwifery population of foci. We do also partner with national programs in specialty areas of foci such as Certified anesthesiologist assistant, Women’s Health NP and Neonatal NP programs.

Preferred Affiliate Academic Programs

  • UW Madison School of Nursing
  • UW Physician Assistant Program
  • Marquette University
  • UW Milwaukee
  • UW Oshkosh
  • UW LaCrosse-CRNA students
  • Medical College of Wisconsin-CAA students

Other Affiliated Programs (list is not exhaustive)

  • Rush University (Neonatal NP program)
  • Edgewood College
  • University of Chicago Rockford
  • Frontier University

We are currently NOT accepting new affiliation agreements. If you are unsure if we have an active agreement on file with your university, contact the APP Office at

Application Process

Your college or university program director and the UW Office of Advanced Practice will arrange your clinical experiences.  Based on high demand for student placement, we have a centralized process for assigning and matching learners with preceptors. We prioritize our UW Madison school partners primarily and UW Health employees attending our current affiliated programs next. In addition, we limit rotations at UW Health to two rotations per student to provide experiences at other organizations and to allow opportunities for other incoming learners.

SNRA and MSA students interested in anesthesia rotations can find program specific information on the Department of Anesthesia Clinical Anesthetists – Department of Anesthesiology – UW–Madison (

UW Health uses myClinicalExchange to receive APP student placement requests, assign preceptors, and onboard students. If the school is familiar with mCE and an active Affiliation Agreement is on file, the school placement coordinator (NOT the student) can submit the request into mCE at any time. Please note deadlines below. If the school is not familiar with mCE, please have the placement coordinator contact the APP Office at for more information.

Because we have a centralized process for requesting preceptor availability and learner matching, we request that neither the school nor student reach out directly to our staff requesting sponsorship. All requests must come directly through myClinicalExchange.

The following deadlines are for entering student clinical rotation requests, decisions for available matching are generally available 6 weeks after the deadline.

  • Fall semester: May 1
  • Spring semester: October 1
  • Summer placement: March 1

Upon successful placement, students are matched with a provider (CNM, NP, PA, or MD) who is committed to creating a positive, comprehensive learning experience, customized to meet students’ individual and course learning objectives.