About the internship


Interns will be expected to be prompt and readily participate in direct athlete care and utilize evaluative tools and critical thinking measures to ensure experiential exposure to the athletic training field. The experiences provided through the UW Health Sports Medicine Athletic Training Internship with the Madison Mallards are not designed to be shadowing opportunities.

Interns will be expected to utilize critical thinking skills, evaluate, and have a hands-on approach to athlete care. Interns will be given the opportunities to hone their skills, develop educational programs for athletes and maintain professional working relationships with other health care professionals. 


  • Must be enrolled in a CAATE-accredited professional athletic training program taking a course for credit in order to have liability coverage provided through your program.
  • Punctual, with good organizational skills
  • Good team player with great attitude
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environment


Interns will be provided with a list of specific goals and objectives to meet throughout the course of their internship experience. Staff will be expected to provide ongoing feedback throughout the internship.

Interns will be provided formal feedback at the mid-point and at the end of their internship. If the candidate is not meeting required or expected skill proficiencies, we reserve the right, at any time during the program, to discontinue that candidate’s internship.

Time period

The season starts the last Monday of May (Memorial Day) and lasts through the second full week of August, with games played roughly seven days a week. The intern will arrive when the players do, the Sunday before Memorial Day. The internship ends at the conclusion of the season. The daily schedule is two hours before game time through post-game treatments (approximately six hours). 

Internship philosophy

Our internship is designed to improve the quality of professional development and provide the athletic training students with an experience of a fast-paced, full summer baseball season. This internship is intended to provide an understanding of the physical demands placed on baseball players from all positions and the importance of preventative measures.

We aim to offer an elite program that emphasizes a proactive approach to injury prevention and management, while simultaneously challenging critical thinking and clinical skill advancement.

Dress code

  • Pre-game: May wear shorts and a t-shirt or equivalent. (No alcohol, tobacco or inappropriate clothing)
  • Game day: Khaki shorts/pants, polo, appropriate outerwear, if needed