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Internship Plan

Internship Plan

Sports Medicine Exercise Science Student Interns may customize an internship plan based on specific educational requirements and professional goals/interests. The plan will be sensitive to the individual requirements of the student’s educational program and is developed based on the following categories:

Core Responsibilities

These objectives will become a mandatory part of the internship plan and will include: 

  • Mastering the intake and evaluation procedures for new members and patients wanting to participate in the various exercise programs at the Sports Medicine Center
  • Becoming an integral part of programming goals unique to the semester
  • Supporting staff in any of the components of the sports medicine center as need dictates (e.g., performing fitness evaluations for prospective clients, double-staffing the Fitness Center floor, assisting with an exercise class or lab testing)
  • Assist with ongoing research projects or contract work 

Program Electives 

These objectives are choices that the intern can select once the core objectives are in place. Electives include: 

  • Providing in-service to staff
  • Developing or implementing a survey related to customer service, use patterns, etc.
  • Organizing an event or “competition” for members or class participants
  • Developing and distributing advertising and PR materials including public service announcements or newsletter articles 


Sports Medicine Exercise Science Student interns must achieve a minimal expected competency, defined as: 

  • Acquiring and assessing participant medical/physical activity histories
  • Measuring resting and exercise heart rates and blood pressures
  • Selecting and conducting appropriate physical activity assessments
  • Understanding basic exercise physiology, especially hemodynamic responses to various forms of exercise
  • Instructing exercise and health principles to both individuals and groups


Interns will be assigned a mentor to help coordinate the semester plan and develop contacts with appropriate staff within the facility, and will report to this person for the duration of the internship. All staff having contact with interns will be consulted during the evaluation process. The evaluation will conform to what is provided by the student’s respective educational program.


Interns are expected to document their experiences by keeping a journal to be developed in such a manner that it will become a valuable resource to the student in the future and handed in on a weekly basis for review. The content and quality of the journal will be considered as a part of the evaluation process.

Exercise Science Student Internship

The UW Health Sports Medicine Center offers unpaid internships to qualified candidates studying exercise physiology, exercise science, kinesiology or related fields. Internships may be available during the fall, spring or summer semesters. Interested individuals should send a résumé and cover letter describing their background, interests and career goals to the listed contact person.


Sports Medicine internships aim to provide qualified candidates with an environment for understanding the positive role physical activity plays in preventive and rehabilitative care. Specifically, interns will: 

  • Hone the clinical skills required for assessing and monitoring physical fitness and health
  • Develop a personal style necessary for delivering care to a variety of patient populations
  • Learn to work with a multi-discipline team in delivering a high level of care
  • Through participation and guided learning, develop the skills to instruct group exercise classes in a variety of environments and modalities


Sports Medicine Exercise Science internships are limited to students attending universities that require an internship in order to meet graduation requirements. The university must have a current affiliation agreement with UW Hospitals and Clinics prior to the start of the internship.

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