Sports Medicine Exercise Science Student interns must achieve a minimal expected competency, defined as: 

  • Acquiring and assessing participant medical/physical activity histories
  • Measuring resting and exercise heart rates and blood pressures
  • Selecting and conducting appropriate physical activity assessments
  • Understanding basic exercise physiology, especially hemodynamic responses to various forms of exercise
  • Instructing exercise and health principles to both individuals and groups


Interns will be assigned a mentor to help coordinate the semester plan and develop contacts with appropriate staff within the facility, and will report to this person for the duration of the internship. All staff having contact with interns will be consulted during the evaluation process. The evaluation will conform to what is provided by the student’s respective educational program.


Interns are expected to document their experiences by keeping a journal to be developed in such a manner that it will become a valuable resource to the student in the future and handed in on a weekly basis for review. The content and quality of the journal will be considered as a part of the evaluation process.