Internship Plan

Sports Medicine Exercise Science Student Interns may customize an internship plan based on specific educational requirements and professional goals/interests. The plan will be sensitive to the individual requirements of the student’s educational program and is developed based on the following categories:

Core Responsibilities

These objectives will become a mandatory part of the internship plan and will include: 

  • Mastering the intake and evaluation procedures for new members and patients wanting to participate in the various exercise programs at the Sports Medicine Center
  • Becoming an integral part of programming goals unique to the semester
  • Supporting staff in any of the components of the sports medicine center as need dictates (e.g., performing fitness evaluations for prospective clients, double-staffing the Fitness Center floor, assisting with an exercise class or lab testing)
  • Assist with ongoing research projects or contract work 

Program Electives 

These objectives are choices that the intern can select once the core objectives are in place. Electives include: 

  • Providing in-service to staff
  • Developing or implementing a survey related to customer service, use patterns, etc.
  • Organizing an event or “competition” for members or class participants
  • Developing and distributing advertising and PR materials including public service announcements or newsletter articles