Financial information

Application fee

Applicants must submit a $50 processing fee with their application into the program.

Enrollment fee

Applicants accepted to the UW Hospital and Clinics School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography must submit a $100 enrollment fee to hold their place in the class for which they are accepted. The due date of this fee will be stipulated by the School in the letter of acceptance.

Applicants who do not submit the enrollment fee by the stated deadline will forfeit their enrollment and an alternate applicant will be offered their place in the coming class. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.


The amount of tuition each student pays is determined by the respective university affiliate. Students make tuition payments directly to their college or university. Contact the bursar’s office at your university affiliate for the most current information regarding tuition charges.

All tuition and fees must be paid in full before a student will be granted a certificate of completion and ARDMS Certification Examination eligibility.


Textbooks are required and recommended by the UW Hospitals and Clinics School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. A textbook list will be sent to students with the information packets included with welcome letters when they enroll in the program. Students should plan to spend a total of up to $2,500 for required textbooks. All textbooks may be purchased online.


Tuition paid in advance for more than the current semester will be refunded according to the guidelines of their respective college or university.


Students are responsible for providing their own room and board during the duration of the general/vascular sonography option and/or echocardiography/vascular sonography option. It is recommended that students locate in the Madison area.

The University of Wisconsin Campus Assistance Center can aid students in locating rental housing (houses, apartments, boarding houses and rooms in private residences).

UW Campus Assistance Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1308 W. Dayton St.
Union South
Madison, WI 53715
(608) 263-6400


Students are responsible for their own meals.


Students enrolled in the UW Hospitals and Clinics School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography are expected to be in compliance with the clinical dress code at all times. Students that do not adhere to the dress code are subject to disciplinary action that could result in expulsion.

Costs for professional attire can vary widely, but students can expect to pay $200-500 for professional attire during the two years of clinical study.

Dress code requirements

  1. Appropriate casual attire to attend didactic classes (no low cut tops or high cut shorts).
  2. Solid color navy blue uniforms (scrubs).
  3. Closed-toed shoes should be worn to all clinical sites.
  4. Students must wear their ID badges at all times (clinical and class days).
  5. Dress worn to clinical rotations shall be clean and without extensive wrinkling.
  6. Students will maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene and grooming standards that are conducive to healthcare professionals.
  7. Students will limit jewelry to rings, necklaces and earrings. Other types of facial jewelry are prohibited as they may be offensive to patients.
  8. Students will appropriately cover all visible body art (i.e. tattoos) as they may be offensive to patients.

Dress code violations

  1. Students who persist in wearing facial jewelry after being counseled to remove it during clinical rotations.
  2. Students who exhibit offensive body odor or other unacceptable levels of personal hygiene.
  3. Students who wear dirty or damaged clothing.
  4. Students who persist in failing to cover visible body art (i.e. tattoos) during clinical rotations after being counseled.

Health requirements and health insurance

  1. Applicants must have a physical completed by UW Hospitals and Clinics, at no cost to the student, prior to start date. They must be screened by Employee Health Services and be able to meet the physical requirements of the training.
  2. The UW Hospitals and Clinics School of DMS provides students with access to basic health care services via the University of Wisconsin University Student Health Services (UHS). Rates and services available through UHS may be viewed on its website. UW Hospitals and Clinics School of DMS contracts with UHS so that program students pay UW-Madison student rates for UHS health services.
  3. Students may purchase supplemental health insurance coverage on their own if they wish.
  4. Students must make an appointment prior to seeing medical professionals at UHS. University of Wisconsin University Health Services is located on the 5th – 8th floor of 333 East Campus Mall, Madison, Wis.
  5. UW Hospitals and Clinics Employee Health Services will treat students free of charge who become ill or injured while on clinical duty at a UW Hospitals and Clinics hospital or clinical site.
  6. Students using UW Health emergency services for medical treatment will be billed for those services.

Financial aid

UW Hospitals and Clinics School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography does not sponsor or award financial aid. Students may apply for financial aid programs available at their respective college or university.