Program Timeline

The UW Health Dietetic Internship participates in DICAS and D&D Digital Computer Matching in the Spring cycle and a pre-select process for both the Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and Public Health concentrations.

The Dietetic Internship consists of NS 670 Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum I (3 credits) and NS 671 Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum II (3 credits). The year-long program begins with one week of orientation (Monday through Friday) on-site at University Hospital in Madison, Wis. Thereafter, rotations are 32 hours per week within the MNT concentration and for all clinical rotations within the Public Health concentration. For other rotations within the Public Health concentration, rotations are part-time at 20 hours per week.

The UW Health Dietetic Internship maintains the following tentative timeline:

  • December: Pre-select applications accepted due for both MNT (UW-Madison DPD students) and Public Health (WIC program nutritionists in Wisconsin) concentrations
  • January: Pre-select applicant notification by the end of the month for both concentrations
  • February: DICAS deadline
  • February: Deadline for Submitting Computer Matching Information Online for MNT concentration applicants
  • February: Apply to UW-Madison as a Special Student (no application fee) Continuing Studies Application Process
  • Early April: Notification and Applicant Appointment Day for MNT concentration applicants
  • June: Program Begins
  • June-August: UW-Madison Summer Session
  • Advanced Clinical Nutrition: Pediatrics (NS 651, 3 credits online)
  • Advanced Nutrition Counseling and Education (NS 652, 3 credits online)
  • August: Orientation Week (Monday–Friday)
  • August: Dietetic Internship begins (both concentrations)
  • August-December: Nutrition and Dietetics I (NS 670, 3 credits)
  • September-December: UW-Madison Fall Session- Advanced Clinical Nutrition: Critical Care and Nutrition Support (NS 650, 3 credits online)
  • January-May: Nutrition and Dietetics II (NS 671, 3 credits)
  • January-May: UW-Madison Spring Session-Clinical Nutrition Research (NS 653, 3 credits online)
  • May-June: Program Completion and graduation