Grateful Patients and Families: Thanking Nurses and Unexpected Surprises

Patients and family members often say how thankful they are for the care they received at UW Health.

Their gratitude is sometimes focused on a nurse who left a memorable imprint on their hearts forever. So much so that they regularly express their appreciation by writing “thank you” letters in the form of DAISY Award nominations.

Because their heartfelt words speak volumes about the special way nurses touched their lives, we asked several grateful patients and family members to read these notes of appreciation to their nurses, on camera, as a special surprise for their nurse. What the readers didn’t know is that they would be the ones being surprised.

Sue and Amy

Louise, Maribeth and Katie

Jamie Hartwig and Luray Ford

Nathan Fox and Brandon Bendall

Maria Christina Jackson and Amber Vozka

Amber Noggle and Sam Griesser

Another way we recognize our remarkable nurses is to ask them to read “something” on camera, and they soon discover that it’s a “thank you” from a patient or family member.

Ann Arnold

Neelam Shrestha

Thank you to all UW Health nurses. You are remarkable.