Our approach to nursing

Rudy Jackson, DNP, MHA RN, CENP, UW Health Senior Vice President, Chief Nurse Executive

At UW Health, we believe that nursing is both an art and a science. Nurses here are not only highly accomplished practitioners with extensive knowledge about advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, but they are also deeply committed to delivering care in a manner sensitive to the patient’s and family’s needs.

We have adopted a professional practice model throughout the organization that emphasizes the sanctity of the nurse/patient relationship; the deep, mutual respect among professional colleagues; and the delivery of exemplary, compassionate care.

In short, the nursing professionals at UW Health are distinguished by their keen minds and caring hearts.

Meet our nursing leaders

Nursing philosophy, mission and vision

At UW Health, nurses are fundamentally grounded in providing evidence-based, patient- and family-centered care. We are privileged to provide equitable, culturally relevant care across the continuum and to act as advocates for all individuals.

Our practice is based on advocacy and seamless transition of care that supports the promotion and maintenance of healthy practices and wellness. As UW Health nurses, we recognize our unique role in approaching care holistically and synthesizing physical, mental and spiritual needs to support an optimal level of well-being.

The following components are vital to our practice:

  • Compassionate care and respect for the patient, family and community
  • Providing individualized care that is safe and ethical
  • Delivering high quality outcomes
  • Advocating for a safe work environment for all staff
  • Supporting cross-functional teamwork, collaboration and respectful interdisciplinary communication
  • Educating oneself and others through therapeutic communication
  • Utilizing innovative tools to improve our practice
  • Responsible use of our resources
  • Providing an environment where the nursing profession’s growth and inquiry is fostered through quality improvement, evidence-based practice and research

We are responsible and accountable for the direct care we provide as well as the indirect actions that might impact patient outcomes. We are committed to continuously improving the care we provide through purposeful professional growth and development. We work to enhance our culture of safety to provide holistic wellbeing for staff and to ensure a safe working environment. Through a strong shared governance structure, all nurses have a voice.

Nursing mission

To innovate and advance healthcare without compromise through service, scholarship, science and social responsibility while providing remarkable patient, family and community-centered care across the continuum of health and well-being.

Nursing vision

To serve as remarkable and trusted national leaders in nursing. Every day.

Professional Practice Model

Our Nursing Professional Practice Model aligns nursing practice across all levels and settings by identifying relationships and responsibilities of the professional nurse.

Patient- and family-centered care is the philosophical and theoretical basis of the model, with the relationship between the nurse and the patient/family/community at the center. The domains surrounding patient/family/community describe the ideal environment for nursing practice at UW Health.

The model’s applicability to nurses in diverse roles across the organization reflects the purposeful, collaborative efforts of nurses who developed a model that accurately defines the unique and innovative practice of UW Health’s nurses. Furthermore, this new model represents the pride nurses take in delivering top-notch, high-quality, evidence-based care that is patient- and family-centered.

Nursing education

UW Health’s post-baccalaureate Nurse Residency Program was accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education in 2012. Through this rigorous process, UW Health has demonstrated that it meets national standards for its program to support new nurses during their first year of practice. There are currently 25 accredited Nurse Residency Programs in the United States.