Questions sponsors should ask a Graduate Nursing Student

  1. Does the student’s academic institution have an affiliation agreement with UW Health?
    • If no, the student’s academic institution’s Clinical Placement Coordinator should initiate this process immediately.
  2. Did the student complete onboarding and submitted required documents to myClinicalExchange?
    • If no, work should not continue. Required onboarding and documentation must be completed before the student begins school relate activities at UW Health.
  3. Did you, as the sponsor, review and signed the UW Health sponsor form?
  4. Does the student’s academic institution require the use of an electronic platform for logging hours and/or evaluations (e.g., Typhoon, Exxat)? What is the sponsor’s role in using these platforms? Or, if no platform, what is the sponsor’s role in logging the student’s hours?
  5. How many hours does the student need to complete while doing their project?
  6. What cadence for meetings and updates will work best for you and the student?
  7. Did the student arrange a meeting with the sponsor, their academic project chair, and themselves?
  8. Would the student need to collect data for their project? What kind? Review “Data Use” section of the sponsor guidelines with the student.
  9. What are the student’s thoughts/plans for dissemination?
  10. What expectations does the sponsor have of the student and vice versa?