Occupational Hand Therapy Fellowship

The Occupational Hand Therapy Fellowship at UW Health is a full-time, 13-month program that begins July 3 and continues through August 2024. The program accepts one applicant per year at this time.

Our fellowship is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of occupational therapists to be local and national leaders in upper extremity and hand rehabilitation and lymphedema.

About the Occupational Hand Therapy Fellowship

This one-on-one mentoring program is designed for occupational therapists who aspire to be leaders in the field of hand and upper extremity rehabilitation. You will gain advanced clinical skills, learn collaborative evaluation and treat children and adults who need hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, hand therapy or lymphedema rehabilitation. This fellowship program also encompasses education, leadership and research.

Fellows are compensated as part of a stipend package that includes dental and health insurance.

Occupational Hand Therapy Fellowship curriculum

The UW Health Occupational Therapy Fellowship will focus on the fellow’s development of knowledge, competency and advanced practice skills in the following core areas:

  • Advanced knowledge
  • Reasoning and performance skills
  • Ethical practice skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Scholarly and/or professional activities
  • Hours applied toward and therapy certification examination

Contact information

Amy Brossard
Program Coordinator
(608) 890-6720

Recruitment Center
(608) 263-6500