Pharmacy Summer Internship Program


The purpose the UW Health Pharmacy Intern program is to introduce pharmacy students to the roles and responsibilities of all health-system pharmacists and residents. Students will work alongside with pharmacists, residents, technicians and pharmacy students to provide optimal patient care. Knowledge and skills attained from this internship will provide distinct advantages for students transitioning into APPE-RT, residency training or pursuing other careers within pharmacy.


Recruitment for summer internship program is typically initiated with internal candidates. Please reach out to the contact person above if there are any specific questions.

Learning Objectives

After the completion of the summer intern experience, the intern will be able to:

  • Identify career goals with a documented plan through the remainder of their school of pharmacy education and transition into residency or the workforce
  • Demonstrate proficiency in pharmacy technical skills, knowledge of central pharmacy operations, and coordination of the medication distribution process with an emphasis on transitions in care
  • Develop analytical and professional communication skills through daily patient presentation and a clinical pearl preparation
  • Provide focused patient care through the completion of admission histories, first dose teaching, VTE screening and discharge counseling in the inpatient and ambulatory settings
  • Develop and improve upon patient-centered communication skills regarding medications (first dose teaching, food-drug interaction counseling, devices, assessment of education and adherence), non-prescription products and overall health, wellness and disease prevention
  • Demonstrate practice leadership by completing a longitudinal project and reporting its results
  • Develop competency around dosing strategies for warfarin, vancomycin and aminoglycosides

Program Design (Summer Internship and Longitudinal Experience)

  • The summer internship will be 10 weeks in length and 32 hours per week
  • Interns will work four days of the week between Monday and Friday as determined by their preceptor
  • The longitudinal hours will be approximately 32 weeks in length and eight hours per week (either weekend intern hours or student hours)
  • Interns are required to commit to working to the completion of their DPH-3 year

Contact Information

Krista McElray, PharmD, BCPS
Education and Development Coordinator