‘The patient makes the final decision’

Beatriz Folcik, Physician Assistant, Family Medicine, Oregon Clinic
Beatriz Folcik

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Beatriz Folcik, Physician Assistant
Family Medicine, Oregon Clinic

Tell us about your specialty.

I provide health care to patients of all ages for both sudden and chronic health concerns, including diabetes and high blood pressure. I also provide women’s health care, including general care. I like to involve the patient in decisions about their care. Family medicine helps me provide knowledge and support but also understand that the patient makes the final decision. As I make recommendations for patients, I also consider their family members or others who may provide support for that patient at home. The most rewarding part of caring for people is when I see a patient outside the clinic and they express their appreciation for the treatment they received.

What do you love most about working at UW Health?

I like that I practice medicine in the community where I live. When I see patients in the clinic, we have only a short time to figure out what is going on with their health. But when I see them in public and they are thriving — that is the best feeling.

What are a few words to describe your co-workers and team at UW Health?

The Oregon Clinic is a hometown family clinic. We are a small but cohesive, wonderful group, where our staff works well together with our providers. Many times, I refer to the Oregon Clinic as a well-oiled machine. We get our work done, and in the process, we have become family.

What have your patients taught you about yourself?

The biggest lesson I have learned is that sometimes to be a good clinician, you don’t always get to fix the problem. Sometimes there is no fixing it and you are there to listen and empathize. In today’s world, where we are all in a hurry, taking that extra five minutes to listen and connect with a patient, can make all the difference to them.

Tell us about your family.

I live in Oregon with my husband and three kids, ages 12, 9 and 7. In 2021, my father moved in with us because of the pandemic, and to help with the kids when all the daycare centers were closed and school was virtual. We make it work as a family and the kids get to see grandpa every day.

What are your special interests?

I have seasonal hobbies. In winter, I like to read, knit, play piano and take kids to practice. In summer, I like to garden, go for walks or bike rides, and take the kids to more practice, usually soccer.

Outside of work, what did you accomplish in the past year that makes you proud?

Outside of work and kids, I would say my biggest accomplishment is my vegetable garden. I grow vegetables with my dad and my neighbor. I originally came here from Mexico City, where gardens and farms are far away. Since coming to Wisconsin in 2000, I was blown away with having four seasons. Now as an adult with kids, I really enjoy growing food and getting creative with recipes and putting it on the table. Our biggest accomplishment this year was growing gourmet purple potatoes.