Nurses Week 2023: May 6-12

Celebrating the humanity of our nurses

National Nurses Week always serves as a special time to honor our remarkable RNs for the compassionate care and clinical expertise they provide to UW Health patients and families all year long.

This year, we’re celebrating our nurses in a unique way — highlighting what brings them joy outside of work — to see and appreciate them beyond their scrubs and masks.

A few of the nurses you’ll see in our tribute video include:

Christine Abong, Inpatient Dialysis, University Hospital, who leans on her furry family member Digi after a long day at work. She says their family dogs have taught her family unconditional love, responsibility, and a sense of empathy.
Nichole Lloyd, Pre/Post Anesthesia Care Unit, East Madison Hospital, whose self-care involves practicing various styles of yoga, including aerial yoga, which she says serves as a great way to foster mental calmness, reduces stress, and stay healthy.
Michael Braden, Pain Management Clinic, 1102 S Park St, who thinks spending time outdoors with his adorable children is one of the best ways to decompress.
Lisa Gretebeck, Endocrine Surgery, East Madison Hospital, who enjoys swimming alongside some cool creatures like this whale shark, as her personal sweet escape.
Becky Dillis, Transplant Clinic, University Hospital, whose expert equestrian skills and being “one” with her majestic pal, clearly bring her joy — and most likely an adrenaline rush.

We hope you enjoy our tribute video that celebrates the humanity and inner awesomeness of our nurses.

2023 UW Health Nursing Excellence Awards