Frequently asked questions

Q: Will the resident rotate through all the areas of practice?

A: Yes. The resident will rotate through all major practice settings with a focus on inpatient, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient care and Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND).

Q: What will a typical week look like?

A: Each week includes clinical hours, designated mentoring, and didactic educational hours.

Q: How will mentoring be addressed?

A: Mentors will be assigned for each of the topics based on the current Description of Residency Practice

Q: How will didactic coursework be covered?

A: Didactic course work will be covered through independent readings, clinical education content, and lectures. Residents will be expected to complete some of the didactic course work outside of their work hours.

Q: Will the resident be required to work on weekends?

A: Yes, there will be a weekend component as part of your clinical hours (to be further clarified)

Q: Are there research opportunities?

A: The resident will be given an opportunity to complete quality improvement projects, based on the interest of the resident.

Q: Is there is a preference for in-state students and/or applicants?

A: UW Health provides an equal opportunity to all pediatric physical therapy resident applicants regardless of their place of residence at the time of application.

Q: What are you looking for in a resident?

A candidate should demonstrate the desire to deepen their knowledge and experience in Pediatric Physical Therapy. They should have a strong academic background, some experience demonstrating an interest in Pediatric Physical Therapy

Q: Is there tuition for the residency?

A: No.  There are no fees or tuition.