“Participating in the Nurse Externship at UW Health was a great experience. It allowed me to practice all of the things I learned in my first year of nursing school. It has boosted my confidence as a future nurse in so many ways and I have built many strong connections with colleagues on my unit. I feel more prepared going into my nursing career and I would recommend this program to everyone!”

Aly Johnson
Student nursing assistant

“The Nurse Externship was very helpful in starting my career with UW Health. The program gave me the additional training that nursing school simply cannot provide. By the end of the program, I could confidently go into a patient room to change a dressing, pass medications and perform many other nursing cares. The externship was also critical in building long-lasting relationships with nurses, respiratory therapists, and other health care professionals which expanded my professional network across UW Health. I still stay in touch with my RN Clinical Coach and she has proven to be pivotal in guiding and advancing my nursing career.”

Eric Kubash
Student nursing assistant