Guiding Philosophies

The Professional Advancement and Recognition program is designed to support professional development and to recognize professional contributions by occupational therapists and physical therapists at all points in one’s career. The program serves as the formal process for promotion and advancement to develop and recognize clinical expertise.

The guiding philosophies of the Professional Advancement and Recognition model are to:

  • Develop and reward advanced levels of practice
  • Use self reflection as an important component of professional development. Individuals have the best opportunity to grow professionally by intentionally reflecting on their experience.
  • Assess staff on their practice as objectively as possible in order to minimize subjectivity and bias
  • Make decisions for promotion equitably across practice settings and disciplines based on clinical expertise
  • Encourage sound evidence based practice to maximize outcomes
  • Incorporate and emphasize components that impact practice that extend beyond clinical knowledge and skills (i.e. interpersonal abilities, communication, etc.)
  • Create an expectation for all staff to maintain or advance levels of practice
  • Align recommendations with the Hospital’s mission, vision, and strategic plan
  • Align with American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) practice guidelines