Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Professional Advancement and Recognition

The Professional Advancement and Recognition program is designed to support professional development and to recognize professional contributions by occupational therapists and physical therapists at all points in one’s career. The program serves as the formal process for promotion and advancement to develop and recognize clinical expertise.

The Professional Advancement and Recognition model is a tiered structure that creates four different levels at which occupational therapists and physical therapists practice. The position titles are:

  • Entry Clinician
  • Clinician
  • Advanced Clinician
  • Expert Clinician

Each position has its own position description (PD) with its own performance expectations.

All new employees are hired at either the entry or the clinician level. It is expected that all new graduate staff achieve the Clinician level within six to twelve months of hire. Therapists are encouraged to continue to develop their practice to the Advanced or Expert level, however promotion is not required. Individuals working in the Clinician title should be fully competent to meet the demands of working at UW Hospital and Clinics as an occupational therapist or physical therapist.

Practice Model Continuum

A significant component of the Professional Advancement and Recognition model is the Practice Model Continuum, commonly referred to as the PMC.

The PMC provides a structured framework and defines elements of practice across all four practice levels and contains five major themes:

  • Performance Skills
  • Professional Behaviors
  • Interpersonal Abilities
  • Clinical Decision Making 
  • Administration/Education/Outreach/Research Activities

Each theme has several sub-themes or topic areas that identify practice attributes which are expected from staff and are valued by the organization. The PMC serves as a “road map” to support therapists with self assessment and progress towards expertise.

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