Process for Advancement

The Professional Advancement and Recognition program is designed to support professional development and to recognize professional contributions by occupational therapists and physical therapists at all points in one’s career. Therapists work with their mentors, colleagues and their manager to analyze their practice within the components of the Practice Model Continuum (pdf).

Therapists may choose to seek promotion and to apply for advancement through a formal process. Consideration for advancement should focus on the applicant’s recent clinical practice (i.e. within the previous year) while acknowledging past work history, performance, and contributions to the department, hospital, and profession. Therapists must complete an application to advance to a higher level of practice. Applicants formally apply to a Review Board, consisting of managers and staff, who make decisions for advancement.

Advancement to Clinician

This is a required advancement. Entry level clinicians participate in formal mentoring, and successfully complete their probationary period. Through a formal review process with their manager, entry clinicians must demonstrate the practice elements at the clinician level.

Advancement to Advanced Clinician or Expert Clinician

This is an optional advancement. Through a formal review process with their manager and the Review Board, therapists must demonstrate the practice elements at the advanced or expert level. Clinician level staff may apply to either the Advanced Clinician or Expert Clinician level of practice.

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Glossary of Terms

For further explanation of the terms, please refer to the Glossary of Terms.

Position Descriptions

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