Pharmacy Medication Systems and Operations Administration and Leadership

The UW Health Department of Pharmacy is a leader within the profession of pharmacy in the areas of technology assessment, automation, information technology, regulatory compliance and business development.

Our Pharmacy Medication Systems and Operations Administration and Leadership (MSOAL) Residency offers extensive training to establish advanced and innovative medication systems in clinical, operational and technology settings. Residents learn and apply the fundamentals of hands-on project management (i.e., initiate, plan, execute and close on team deliverables) for projects of varying complexity and scale. Graduates of the residency obtain leadership positions in hospital pharmacy requiring skills in project management, productivity and systemization.

Program strengths

  • Project management: The resident will learn the fundamentals of hands-on project management and apply these skills as he/she leads department-wide projects and initiatives.
  • Technology: UW Health has implemented and uses a wide range of automation and technology in all phases of the medication-use process. Examples of such technology/automation include: IV workflow, automated dispensing cabinets, robotics, bedside barcode medication administration, carousels, perpetual inventory, high-speed packagers and other unit dose packaging machines.
  • Clinical involvement: This residency has the same clinical expectations has all PGY-1 programs but also includes clinical operations — a unique aspect that provides the resident with the skills to connect clinical needs in practice with the operational background of how to dispense and administer medications in those areas.
  • Leadership: The resident is an integral part of the administrative team giving the resident many leadership experiences throughout residency, including committee participation and membership (e.g., Drug Product Supply and Selection, Inpatient Pharmacy Operations) and involvement in technician oversight.
  • Flexibility in tailoring the program to the interests of the resident: The resident will play an integral role in developing his or her rotation schedule and will be exposed to a variety of experiential learning opportunities offered at UW Health. Additionally, coursework at the School of Engineering or School of Business is available if formal training in change or process improvement is desired.

Contact information

Kimberly Harrison, Pharm.D.
Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacy Services Building (PSB)
Chair, Drug Product Selection and Supply Committee
Medication Systems and Operations Administration and Leadership (MSOAL) Residency Program Director
Pharmacy Department
3185 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562-1435
Phone: (608) 720-3271

Current resident

Ellie Valentine (PGY1) – Meet our resident

Program summary

Medications and Systems Operations (pdf)