Applying as a New or Current Employee

There are two avenues to apply to the program – as a UW Health employee (either current or new) with a 2-year work agreement and no cost for the program, or you may apply as a student with no commitment to work for UW Health and a $3,400 program fee.

Apply as a New/Current Employee

To apply to the Pharmacy Technician Training Program as an UW Health employee (either current or new), please complete the following steps:

Apply to the program as an EMPLOYEE

  1. Return to
  2. Type “Pharmacy Technician” in the keyword box
  3. Click on “Pharmacy Technician – Dispensing (Full-Time) (Training/Certification Opportunity)”

If you are accepted into the program as an employee:

  • There is no cost for the program
  • You are paid 40 hours a week while in the training program
  • There is a two-year work agreement
  • Additional costs may apply (i.e. parking or purchasing of books – both optional)

If you have any questions after applying for an employee position, please call Human Resources at (608) 263-6500.