Jennifer Lawrence
CPhT-Certified Pharmacy Technician

“The Pharmacy Technician Training Program really helped me properly prepare for the exam. I felt very comfortable taking the test and was able to answer the questions without too much difficulty. I also feel more comfortable in my job as I am better able to identify if any orders for patients do not seem correct.”

Veronica Drinka
CPhT-Certified Pharmacy Technician

“I feel a step ahead, having taken the program. It gave me insight to all the different roles that a pharmacy technician can do. In addition, it helped me prepare for the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) exam, which I was easily able to pass.”

Peter Ranola
CPhT-Certified Pharmacy Technician

“The program allowed me to get hands-on training in the various pharmacies that we learned about in the program. I was then able to get a feel for where I wanted to work, set a goal, and pursue that goal immediately.”