Applying to the Program

There are two avenues to apply to the program:

  • As a UW Health employee with a two-year work agreement and no cost for the program. This applies to both current UW Health employees and those seeking employment.
  • As a student with no commitment to work for UW Health and a $3,400 program fee.

Apply as a Current/Potential Employee

Information if you are accepted into the program as an employee:

  • There is no cost for the program
  • You are paid 40 hours a week while in the training program
  • There is a two-year work agreement
  • Additional costs may apply (i.e. parking or purchasing of books – both optional)

Apply as an employee

Apply as a Student

Individuals who prefer to pay tuition with no commitment to work for UW Health, please fill out the application linked below. If accepted into the program via the student route, the cost of the program is $3,400. This fee is all-inclusive, though additional parking fees may apply during experiential training.

Apply as a student