Required Rotations

Inpatient rotations (Four weeks unless otherwise stated)

  • Orientation / Training (six weeks for residents new to UW)
  • Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Surgery (RTX/PTX 1)
  • Medical Kidney/Pancreas Transplant (MTX)
  • Liver Transplant Surgery (LTX-S)
  • Liver Transplant Medicine (LTX-M)
  • Heart Transplant
  • Lung Transplant
  • Transplant Infectious Diseases
  • Transplant Practice Management/UW Organ and Tissue Donation
  • Transplant Clinical Research/Pharmaceutical Research Center

Longitudinal Ambulatory rotations (six months in each clinic)

  • Abdominal Transplant Clinic
  • Lung Transplant Clinic

Elective Rotations

Residents choose 2-3 elective rotations. Electives are tailored to the needs and interest of the resident. Elective rotations are four weeks unless otherwise stated.

Inpatient rotations

  • ICU (Trauma and Life Support Center)
  • Transplant nephrology consult service
  • Acute Nephrology consult service
  • Hepatology consult service (two weeks)
  • Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Surgery (RTX/PTX 2)

Ambulatory rotations

  • Wisconsin Dialysis/UW Health Kidney Clinic

Longitudinal rotation (Year-long)

  • Academia/Research

Other Required Learning Experiences

  • Academia mini-rotation – Two weeks
  • Pharmacy Practice Experience (Staffing) – Year-long
  • Major Residency Project – Year-long