Transplant Specialty Pharmacy Residency

PGY2 pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) education and PGY1 pharmacy residency programs to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists in specialized areas of practice. PGY2 residencies provide residents with opportunities to function independently as practitioners by conceptualizing and integrating accumulated experience and knowledge and incorporating both into the provision of patient care or other advanced practice settings. Residents who successfully complete an accredited PGY2 pharmacy residency are prepared for advanced patient care, academic, or other specialized positions, along with board certification, if available.

The UW Health Solid Organ Transplant PGY2 pharmacy residency program provides a broad education experience focused on the care of patients donating or receiving a solid organ transplant. The residency program includes direct patient care experience with kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and lung transplant recipients. The ASHP Required Competency Areas, Goals and Objectives for Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2) Solid Organ Transplant Pharmacy Residencies are used for resident assessment.

Residents who successfully complete the UW Health Solid Organ Transplant Residency Program will be able to provide integrated pharmaceutical care at a patient-specific level as well as a patient population level for those who have or are expected to undergo solid organ transplantation. Completion of the residency program will provide a foundation to pursue multiple career paths including:

  • Providing clinical pharmaceutical care to the acute and ambulatory solid organ transplant patient population
  • Teaching and precepting in a non-tenure clinical or adjunct faculty position
  • Providing clinical, practice management and professional leadership

UW Health performs nearly 500 solid organ transplants per year and is consistently ranked among the top 10 most-active transplant centers in the country. The high transplant volume and dedication to long term medical management of post-transplant patients provides residents with a rich educational experience. (Organ-specific transplant data can be found on the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients website.)

Residency Program Director

Kimberly E. Holdener, PharmD, BCPS, BCTXP
UW Health Department of Pharmacy
600 Highland Ave.
F6/175 CSC Mail Stop 1530
Madison, WI 53792
Phone: (608) 263-1290
Fax: (608) 263-9424

Residency Program Coordinator

Josh Wiegel, PharmD, BCPS, BCTXP

Current Resident

Jared Walz – Meet Our Resident

Program Summary

Pharmacy Transplant Residency (pdf)