Chart Review

The Professional Advancement and Recognition program is designed to support professional development and to recognize professional contributions by occupational therapists and physical therapists at all points in one’s career.

The program serves as the formal process for promotion and advancement to develop and recognize clinical expertise.

A chart review will occur during the review process to determine advancement to the next clinician level. The chart review assesses components of practice across application themes and sub-themes of the Practice Model Continuum (pdf). Elements of the chart review are used to assist with developing questions for the interview process.

In total, three patient’s documentation is reviewed. One of the records chosen for review is from the therapist’s Clinical Case Presentation (Advanced Clinician) or Case Report (Expert Clinician), and the other two medical records are randomly chosen from the applicants patients within the previous six months.

All therapy documentation is thoroughly reviewed by the interview team subgroup of the Review Board.