Interview Process

An interview will be conducted for each applicant during the review process for professional advancement.

The interview process is a tool for the review board to collect objective information that demonstrates the applicant’s level of expertise.

Interview questions will be formulated based on analysis of the information the therapist provides through the application and portfolio, which also includes the clinical case presentation, the clinical narrative, and if applicable, case report (expert only).

The interview serves to help the applicant reveal aspects of level of expertise not otherwise demonstrated in the written application materials or through documentation review.

Therapists applying for Advanced Clinician or Expert Clinician will interview with a subgroup of the Review Board. The therapist and the interview team are expected to have an open, direct dialogue about issues pertinent to the therapist’s practice.

In the interview, a majority of the questions asked will be behavioral in nature. Behavioral questions are based on the premise that past behavior predicts future behavior. Rather than providing hypothetical answers, applicants are asked to provide specific examples from their actual practice. Behavioral interview questions ask about past experiences as they relate to specific and concrete situations. A sample question might be: “Tell me about a specific time when you influenced the outcome of a team project by taking a leadership role.”