Program Outcomes

The Sports Physical Therapy Residency at University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics consistently produces practitioners of sports rehabilitation that graduate to become leaders, clinicians, and educators in a variety of sports settings across the country.

Overall, our program has a 100% graduation rate and 100% of our residents pass the SCS on their first attempt.

At the current time, we have two graduates who are in PhD programs continuing with research they started as residents and one who just completed her PhD and whose position teaches at a PT program, continues her research, and allows her to manage a Runner’s Clinic.

One of our graduates proceeded to an Upper Extremity Fellowship and now is the Medical Director for the Toronto Blue Jays. One is working at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and was heavily involved in developing their Olympic and Paralympic Fellowship (which recently selected another of our graduates to be the inaugural Fellow). One of the recent grads completed Duke’s Division I athlete Fellowship and then was hired on to continue work with Duke Sports Medicine.

Three are currently employed with us at UW Health Sports Rehabilitation and are increasing their involvement with the residency as mentors and faculty. Six others work at sports medicine clinics in Wisconsin, Michigan, Utah, Missouri, Colorado and Washington and either have started or added specialty clinic services at their clinic or are also doing some specialty work as fee-for-service.